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    Code the Change You Want to See In the World with Dale Spoonemore

    CocoaHeads OKC

    How I Learned to Code to Help Others Grow Food! 3 years ago Dale and his wife began growing most of their own food in an effort to help with his anxiety and depression. He had never grown anything before and dedicated 2 years to obsessively...

    Chaos in the Cloud

    Oklahoma City AWS User Group

    Chris Dodds will be covering Chaos Engineering as it relates to the AWS cloud and making your application more resilient. The session will include a brief intro to chaos engineering, some general best practices, and a short demo of chaos...

    Nerdy Movie Night: Machine of Human Dreams

    Data + Creativity OKC

    "A.I. guru Ben Goertzel grew up in a hippie community during the Vietnam War. Inspired by science fiction, he imagined a perfect rational world that would transcend the violence of 1970s’ America. Since then, Ben has dedicated his life to...

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